I’ve found an error in Perfect Blue’s blog post (CTFTime’s #1 team.)

I’ve been scrolling through CTFtime for some minutes now, and, Perfect Blue was the first team in rank…

As a result, I wanted to know what made them rank the highest on CTFtime, So, I went to their blog to read some articles.

Then, I found an interesting post: perfect blue finishes #1 on CTFtime 2020

After reading the whole post (and enjoying my time), I found this line to be interesting (Actually, it wasn’t that interesting 🙂 )

I clicked the link, but nothing happened, clicked again, and again, but, still nothing.

Until I discovered a bug in the site (yes, not really a bug but still a thing), This link was pointing to a HTML id, which is #Appendix-What-are-CTFs. Which doesn’t exist.

After searching the page for a bit though, I found a HTML tag which contains a similar id #appendix-what-are-ctfs,

and after editing the URL to https://blog.perfect.blue/perfect-blue-finishes-top-1-on-CTFtime-2020#appendix-what-are-ctfs It works.

This might be because their blog system removes capital case from ids (for some reason), but after all, that was a fun thing to discover.

I’ll contact them about that to fix, but for now I will finish with a quote from an intelligent person:

I’ll need to find more quotes.



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