Since wordpress has put ads on my blog, I’m taking my stuff and leaving.

Don’t you all worry, I’ll leave a copy of my stuff here, read what I will say to learn more.

For a long time, wordpress has offered me a free-of-cost place to host my blog containing my thoughts and the things I learn and teach to you all (although some options I wanted weren’t free), but free does have to come with a hidden price.

A while ago, I noticed some ads all-over my blog (even between paragraphs), And, normally, I can’t live with an ad at the same place, because, in my opinion, ads ruin the whole experience of reading and make the website look untrustworthy, and it even makes it seem like I put the ads to earn revenue, and believe me If they offered me revenue I wouldn’t have accepted.

To remove these advertisments you will have to purchase a subscription called: No Ads add-on which is 24$ a year, and there’s no way I’m paying this much to just remove ads.

So I’ve formed a plan:

  • According to the fact that some of my visitors are from wordpress reader (and wordpress reader has no ads as far as I know), Posts will continue to be published on this blog so It can reach them easily(or reach you if you’re one of them).
  • For the website visitors, I’ll try to get an ad-free free-of-cost hosting, and soon after that, I’ll put the link in this post.

(All these things will be done after some time.)

And to end this post I’ll tell you a great quote from a great person:

Love you all




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