Introducing: Gnoter, a text editor that uses the browser’s cookie to save your note.

Project details:

Gnoter, saves your note inside your document cookie.

On clicking “Save”, as in below, it replaces your document.cookie content with “the note” you’ve inputted into the text-area.

Which you can save yourself theory and try here:

And for the source-code-lover, it can be found on GitHub.

Change log:

How can you find a change-log in version 1.


Uncountable, but after a bit of thought, two of them are:

  • you don’t need storage access to save notes, if it happens to find yourself in a locked environment (i.e. in a browser-only system.)
  • you can move the cookie to another browser when you like to.

note: the code was written a while ago, only the post was written now.

And as someone wise once said:

This is an example quote.


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