Why Do Most People Hate SystemD? – And Why Don’t I Care!

I’ve heard a lot of people saying they hate SystemD, And I’ve always wondered, Why?

There are 3 opinions about that:

  • People who hate SystemD
  • People who love SystemD
  • People who don’t care about all of that.

I fall into the third category, Why should I even care about an init system.

People who hate SystemD

Apparently, they’re a lot. I even found a website called IHateSystemD (Actually, I’ve found it very entertaining to read).

And after doing some research, I found out the 3 reasons I think why they hate it.

The reasons they hate it

It’s delayed by seconds in boot time (I guess 3 seconds) than the other init systems.

Very realistic reason.

Limit of choice. Most distros that come with SystemD by default (Like Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Etc.) are hard to change its init system.

I find it a very good reason.

It’s complex. It can be hard to understand.


Some other reasons, some people say it’s the Linux philosophy.

Why do people love it

Monitoring and Restarting

As said Here:

systemd will monitor and, if required, restart your processes in quite a sensible manner. Your traditional /etc/init.d/ scripts couldn’t ever do that, or at least not without some serious help from the application itself. systemd can launch processes, track the main process and/or its children, monitor and even restart them if required.

Why don’t I care

I have a concept in life

If it’s working, It must be fine.

-someone whose name I can’t remember or don’t know

It might not be the case every time, But I believe in it and it usually works.
I care about learning it just for knowledge, But it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t change it

That’s all

And here’s a quote:

If it’s working, It must be fine.




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