How To Install Packages From The AUR In Arch Linux – The Arch series #3

So You Found an Aur package and want to install it, THIS POST WILL HELP YOU

AUR stands for (Arch User Repository)
It has almost every package that’s available to Debian, Here’s How to use it

Best Option – USE A HELPER

An AUR helper is the easiest way to install AUR packages.
I recommend using yay, The best Aur helper I ever used
So let’s install it(Install any package the same way)

Things to get ready

You have two packages before anything: base-devel and git for compilation and installation.
Install them with this command

sudo pacman -S base-devel git

Find The Git File

Go to The Aur Site and search for the package you want.
I found yay in HERE , Now let’s install it.

Clone The Package

Create a new folder and clone the package.

mkdir aur-stuff
cd aur-stuff
git clone

Go to the directory and compile.

cd yay
makepkg -si

and wait for some time.

If you have a problem, Google it or leave it in the comments

Use yay From Now On

To install a package, type in the terminal yay package-name and type its number, and Voila!
For example(to install yay):

yay yay

Bonus! A Quote

Some great people once said:

Arch is the best

me and some other people



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