How To Set Up ProxyChains On Linux? – And Get Free Proxies – All Distros

Want to set up proxychains but don’t know How, I’ve got you covered

First Things First,

What Is A Proxy Server?

It’s a Server located in another location that you can connect to and pass all your traffic through(Like VPN), It can be used to anonymize your traffic, Or make you look like you’re from another country.

Go Get A Proxy

There’s a lot of sites that give you proxies for free, I will give you some(You Should Always choose the SOCKS5 Proxy type and Anonymity High)
Google search

1- install ProxyChains

On Debian based(AKA Ubuntu-based)

sudo apt install proxychains

Arch Based systems

sudo pacman -S proxychains-ng


pkg install proxychains


emerge proxychains  

OpenSUSE (Very SUS)

zypper install proxychains  


dnf install proxychains-ng  

RedHat Distributions

yum install proxychains-ng

2- Edit the configuration file

Use Your Favorite Text Editor (I Use vim, You May Use nano)

sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf

In first few lines uncomment dynamic_chain and comment strict_chain like this:

Scroll to the last line, You see there’s an already made proxy.
Put A Hashtag (#) before it to comment it

Now put the proxy(s) you want in the same way(I Recommend no more than 3 proxies)
Format: Proxy-type(socks5) ip(XXX.XXX.XX.XXX) port(XXXX)

How To Use It

Just type in the terminal proxychains some-command

proxychains firefox

Bonus: Install TOR Proxy (Optional)

On Debian based(AKA Ubuntu-based)

sudo apt install tor

Arch Based systems

sudo pacman -S tor


BTW, I use vim 😛

The Writer of this post(me)





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