Finally, a way to go BACK in time

Have you ever thought about going way back in time? maybe I can help you with that.

If you’re thinking about “physicallytraveling back in time, and changing something you did, you might already know that it’s not possible.

But, in today’s case, I’m talking about something that is pretty possible, I’m talking about “mentally” going back in time.

I will explain that in a second.

The internet

The internet is the place where most of the
world’s knowledge exists, It’s been kept there for the purpose of being saved (or for some other purpose).

But what if this information were deleted or altered, how can someone retrieve it back?

Let’s say that, Google has changed its website’s design, changed the logo, the name, and the color, but you want to see that old logo again, one more time, say for a “school” project…

What would you do in that scenario? Search Google? huh, they deleted all the records of their logo, until it seemed like they didn’t exist.

But, is there a way to go back?

Here comes the WayBack machine, It gives you the ability to see a website’s history, by just entering the URL (even if the website itself has been deleted.)

Let’s take Google for this example, we want to know what was it like, when it first started, we go to the WayBack machine, enter, and choose the date (just like a time machine),

and Voila!

“Google!” was wealthy in “11 November, 1998

Try it yourself here.

BTW, The internet archive (the WayBack machine keeper) currently needs your help, to help it keep going and archiving the internet… help them with 5$ if you can (and no I won’t gain any profit).

And here take a quote:

This is an important quote, as always.




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