Make Your Terminal The Coolest – The Ultimate Guide

Do You Want To Make Your Terminal The Coolest, This guide is for you

Let’s get into it

Use A Good Terminal Emulator

In the first step, I use Xfce4’s default terminal, I will tell you why…
Because It has all the customization settings I need:

  • Change terminal title
  • Cursor Shape (I-Beam)
  • Change font
  • Background Color
  • And Text Color
  • If you find another terminal with all those options use it (And Tell me about it.)

Change That Default Font

I consider it one of the important steps because I don’t like default fonts , Go to Preferences in the terminal Then Appearance, And Change the font and size of it.

Install ZSH Instead of Bash

This is the most important step, I Like Bash but Always prefer ZSH For A lot of reasons I will talk about in a second
At First, Install ZSH Using This Official Guide [INSTALL-ZSH]
It will take only 5 Minutes Don’t worry(Don’t forget to change the default shell).

Install Oh-My-ZSH

That’s what makes ZSH Beautiful, Without it Good luck configuring ZSH Yourself from scratch
To install it you should install curl first
In Ubuntu and Debian Based

sudo apt install curl

In Arch and Based Distros

sudo pacman -S curl

Now go to their site [] (Beautiful URL 😀 ) And scroll to Install oh-my-zsh and copy-paste the command
As of now, it’s

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

And it’s installed

Change The Shell Theme

For this you have to edit the .zshrc file, I will use nano

nano ~/.zshrc

Find ZSH_THEME=”something”
Edit the theme to the one you like of those: [Themes]
Or Make the Theme Random By Putting “random

Install zsh-autocomplete And zsh-syntax-highlighting

Install zsh-autocomplete HERE [zsh-autocomplete]
Install zsh-syntax-highlighting HERE [zsh-syntax-highlighting]

Create Welcome Message (Optional)

First, install figlet By Pacman or Apt(As your Distro)
Then Edit .zshrc with nano again and add

figlet "Welcome"

to the end of the file
restart the terminal and here you go

And as my neighbor once said to me


My Neighbor



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