What does BTW I Use Arch, mean?

Before starting this post, I want to tell you that: I use arch, BTW.

First I’ll begin by giving an example:

That’s a meme you might have heard of, in the linux world (especially when you’re just getting started in a world like this), you might have even seen it more than one time. Therefore, now you want to know what do people mean when the use it. let me tell you:

What does “btw” mean?

BTW: stands for “by the way”, is a term used when you are giving a piece of information that isn’t urgent or you just remembered (e.g.: Oh, almost forgot, I ate your apple, by the way.)

I’m not here to talk about abbreviations though, I’m here because many people think btw is an arch thing, not knowing it’s a real expression.

But, I’ve just installed Arch Linux, should I begin using it (this phrase)?

I wouldn’t recommend it since you’ll have no gain from such a thing, and might make people hate arch.

But, I’ve never tried Arch, should I give it a chance?

  • If you love building things (probably from scratch), creating things yourself, and have the patience to fix your system’s problems, it would be a pretty good choice, and absolutely a great learning opportunity.
  • If you love to stick with what you have, aren’t that welcoming to change, or want an easy-to-install system, I don’t think arch is for you, but it’s still your choice to give it a try.

You just need to know that arch doesn’t bite.

And as my friend once said:

See you later.

-My friend



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