How Stable Is Arch Linux?! – The Arch Linux Series #3

A Statement that you might have heard a lot: Arch Linux is unstable. But Is it?

Arch Linux is a DIY(Do It Yourself) Linux system, But most people find it unstable, Why?

People say because it’s a cutting-edge distro, Which means it’s updated every day or two days.

Very rarely, An update might break the system but it’s very unlikely.

In my opinion

It’s because of the lake of knowledge,

the more packages you install = the more likely it’s to crash.

When I first used Linux, I’ve broken an Ubuntu install, because I installed a lot of incompatible packages and tried to update from Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14(as far I can remember)

I’ve been using arch for a year now and haven’t broken it yet.

Bye now I’m in a hurry sorry.


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