What Is Bedrock Linux – The Distro Hopping King.

Not to be confused with Minecraft Bedrock edition 😐

I heard about this distro a week ago and it looked really interesting, So I did some research. So

Why do they call it Bedrock Linux?

I’ve no idea, But I think they got the name from Minecraft Since Bedrock is the lowest, unbreakable point in a Minecraft world(AKA. The Foundation Of A World)

Read more about it at the Minecraft Fandom Wiki, But I think you might be lazy for that(like me) :P.

Enough talking about minecraft, Let’s talk about you.

How are you by the way, You OK? I’m fine myself.

^ Me now ^

What is Bedrock Linux?

As said on their official site and I quote:

Bedrock Linux is a meta Linux distribution which allows users to mix-and-match components from other, typically incompatible distributions. Bedrock integrates these components into one largely cohesive system.

For example, one could have:

  • Debian’s stable coreutils
  • Arch’s cutting edge kernel
  • Void’s runit init system
  • A pdf reader with custom patches automatically maintained by Gentoo’s portage
  • A font from Arch’s AUR
  • Games running against Ubuntu’s libraries
  • Business software running against CentOS’s libraries

All at the same time and working together mostly as though they were packaged for the same distribution.

Then how it works?!

You do a fresh install of your preferred distro, Install the bedrock linux script, And you can run packages from any distro you like. It’s that simple.

You can install bedrock linux with that command which I find SUS

sh ./bedrock-linux-release-arch.sh --hijack

Really?! –hijack, Isn’t that weird 😐 .

Want to try it out?

Ok Here is the Official Site, But don’t forget to RTFM(The most important step), and here are the installation instructions for version 7.0(find the latest on the official site)

And as someone else once said:


Someone else(I mean not me 😛 )


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