3 Ways To Connect To WiFi Using Only The Terminal – Arch Linux

If you are stuck with a terminal, a wired connection, and a browser, I’m here to help you.

Don’t Take the first method seriously 😛

First Method 😛

Go to this site and start typing! 😀

Second Method: iwctl

Install iwd For Your Distro

For Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S iwd

Start the Daemon


sudo systemctl start iwd

Connect to WiFI

Identify your network interface with


Now start it and connect to wifi

sudo ip link set wlan0 up                       


[iwd]# station wlan0 scan 

[iwd]# station wlan0 connect wifi-name

[iwd]# exit

replace wlan0 with your interface and wifi-name with wifi name

Third Method: nmtui

type in the terminal


Choose Activate a connection and press ENTER.
Nmtui will show both wired and wireless available networks. Select your Access Point and press ENTER.
The next screen will ask for the password, fill it and press ENTER to continue.
And you’ll be connected.

Linux Hint (Cool name BTW.)


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