Just An Idea – Readable YouTube Project #1

I got an idea and I think it’s going to help a lot of people, so hear me out.

While watching YouTube the other day, some videos were (for example): 15 Minutes, But it was full of useless stuff that made it: 10 Useless Minutes and 5 Useful Minutes.
I will give you some examples:
A Video about how to learn Adobe Photoshop in about 30 Minutes But you only need to understand how tools work which can only take 10 Minutes Or even 5 Minutes.

Another example: A Video about learning HTML (A Programming Language) that’s 1 Hour Long But you only need to learn The Tags and practice them, And you have to watch a 1 Hour Video to do that NO!, Why do you watch that video to only write the tags when it can be written for you!!
That’s What gave me the idea

What are you going to do?

I see you asking this question, And I’ve got an answer.
Just kidding

In the next few days, I will be creating a Website that Let’s people summarize the videos they watch so others don’t have to watch the full video again to learn something and I will be documenting its creation process here so others can learn.
I actually can’t afford the hosting (5$/month on digitalocean, and I’m less than 20 years old), so when I’m done I will host it on a free hosting site (like InfinityFree), so if you can Please support me.
I will start with this from tomorrow, So Please leave me a comment to know your opinion, and it will Motivate me



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