Protonmail Suspended My Account For Abusing Their Terms Of Service.

I’m mad right now, so I will tell you the full story 😐

It all began by (Obviously) trying to login into my account and I saw this massage

I went to the link to know what was going on, And it was a form

I sent the form

and waited two days to get the first response, And it was

After that I remembered That I created more than an account on that same day, So I tried my luck and sent

And The response was…

So That made me read the TOS for the first time in a while (Of course I read Google’s TOS :P)

So That made me send:

And they gave it back to me

I’m mad that They didn’t ask me before suspending my accounts, And I’m glad that they gave me that account back

Now I have one more very important account to restore, It has been deleted or disabled(as it says when logging in)
I will let you know about it 😐
and as My Teacher once said

That’s all for today

My Teacher


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